Tract Catalog

All Grange Press tracts and handouts are provided at no cost in a downloadable PDF format that is suitable for at-home printing.

  • If a particular PDF document is more than one page, it is intended to be printed double-sided (duplex). Your printer may ask you to choose either “long-edge binding” or “short-edge binding” – You should choose “short-edge binding.”
  • Multi-page PDFs (booklets) are already formatted to be printed as booklets. When viewing the files on your computer, the pages will appear out of order.
  • If at-home printing is not an option for you, these files are suitable to be taken to any local print shop (Staples, Fed-Ex, etc.) for printing (and folding & stapling, if desired).
Title (A-Z) Author Category
The Almost Christian Discovered Matthew Mead (c.1630-1699) Gospel
A Basic Introduction to Christianity Robert D. McCurley Gospel
Distinguishing Faith & Feelings Samuel Pike (1717-1773) Christian Living
Have You Come to the Divine Physician? Alexander Gunn (1773-1836) Gospel
The Lord's Supper in the Larger Catechism The Westminster Assembly of Divines Christian Living
Materials for Daily Intercessory Prayer Robert Wodrow (1679-1734) Christian Living
Roman Catholics & Protestants: What's the Big Deal? Robert D. McCurley Gospel
The Sanctification of the Sabbath Thomas Boston (1676-1732) Christian Living
A Word to the Anxious Kenneth MacRae (1883-1964) Gospel
Worldliness John P. Thackway Christian Living
The Young Communicant's Catechism John Willison (1680-1750) Christian Living