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Psalm 119 | Digital Album

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This collection of the 22 sections of Psalm 119 from the metrical psalter is made available to benefit the Psalm 119 Memorization Project.

John Calvin said of Psalm 119, “. . .the doctrine exhibited in this psalm should be carefully studied by all the children of God, and treasured up in their hearts, to render them the more conversant with it.” To that end, the Children’s Psalm Memorization Project was initially instituted as a modest scholarship fund to reward the youth of Greenville Presbyterian Church, FCC (Greenville, SC) for memorizing the whole of Psalm 119 — KJV or metrical.

Name Your Price: These recordings were produced as a help for the youth who participated in the project and are now offered freely to the public through Grange Press. Though this collection is a Name Your Price product, any proceeds generated will go directly toward expanding the reach and vision of the Psalm 119 memorization project.

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1 review for Psalm 119 | Digital Album

  1. Rosie Abdo

    So beautiful!! Well done, saints!! The words are sung very clearly, so it’s easy to know what’s being sung even if for those of us who don’t know the particular Psalm setting. Thank you!!

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