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The Master’s Trumpet: Vol. 11 (Spring 2020)


The Master’s Trumpet is a quarterly periodical produced and published by Grange Press, the publishing imprint of the Presbytery of the United States, Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). The name chosen for this periodical is drawn from John Knox’s testimony, “I love to blow my Master’s trumpet.” It is our humble desire to blow the loud trumpet of our Lord Jesus.

In this volume:

  • W.C. Burns:   The Precious Savior
  • Puritan Preface to the 1650 Psalter
  • Dr. Alasdair J. Macleod:   The Free Church of Scotland 1843 – The Kingship of Christ in the Church
  • Robert D. McCurley:   Eminent Highland Preachers
  • Maurice Roberts:   Famous American Missionary
  • John Brown of Wamphray:   Maintaining Biblical Reformation
  • David Black:   The Duty of Seeking the Things Which are Jesus Christ’s
  • Jonathan D. Mattull:   The Pastor of Kilsyth: A Book Review

Name Your Price: The digital version of this resource is available as a “name your price” product. Grange Press depends on sales and donations to fund our mission; however, we also want to see our resources made accessible to all people. If you are unable to pay the suggested price for this resource, we welcome you to name your own price.


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