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The Claims of Christ Asserted

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The Claims of Christ Asserted: The Testimony of the Free Church of Scotland for Today
Jonathan D. Mattull
33 pages

Our generation enjoys unprecedented access to Reformed and Evangelical literature. With this access comes competing views as to how we should answer the most important questions. “How is God to be worshiped?” “How should the church be governed?” “How can a sinner be accepted by God?”  These questions lead us to consider what answers earlier generations provided. While this is a necessary part in arriving at an informed answer, it also raises the temptation to rest in what mere men have asserted.

The greatest concern we ought to have is to represent and assert what Christ has revealed as his will in Scripture. He alone possesses supreme and exclusive authority in matters of faith, doctrine, government, worship, and practice. He has expressed his will in Scripture, providing it alone as the infallible guide in these matters. It is the church’s responsibility to assert these claims, neither adding to nor taking from them. While it is impossible to treat of all the claims Christ has made, The Claims of Christ Asserted surveys the biblical teaching of Christ’s claims made in Scripture and considers key examples of how the church has asserted them in the past in order to illustrate how we may assert them today.

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1 review for The Claims of Christ Asserted

  1. Richard Taron

    The perfect booklet to give to someone who has always wondered why you make such a big thing over singing the psalms. If you are not good at speaking like me, just hand them this booklet. I’m getting 10 of them. 🙂

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